12 Felgate Parade, Vermont South

Thank you very much for the successful conclusion to the sales of our property above. Having observed how the sale of our daughter's house in Glen Waverley was handled, we had chosen you and your company to handle the sales of our property also. We are glad that we did. In particular we are very happy on the following aspects of your approach :

  1. The fees were based upon a percentage of the successful sales price. There were no other charges such as for advertising or auctioning. By that we were confident that your sole motivation would be to get a reasonable price for us.
  2. You only brought along serious potential buyers for viewing of the property. This meant that we were spared the agony of accommodating the invasive horde of curious onlookers about our property. This meant a lot to us as we are very private people.
  3. Everyone within your organization acted with professionalism and courtesy from the first day when you brought the team in to photograph and do the write-ups. We never felt uncomfortable
We will certainly recommend you as the sales agent for any other people we know if the opportunity arises.

Yours sincerely,
Tai Hou and Lucy Woon