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15 Jan 19


Have you been thinking of making a sea change or wonder what a new lifestyle would be like from downsizing? What about getting on the property ladder with your first home or investment? Perhaps, you want to finally own a home you have been dreaming but not sure where to start?

We get it. Property planning is a major decision as property is possibly the biggest asset an individual could ever own. More often than not, there is that feeling of hesitation or worse, procrastination until ‘the right time’ comes. We have been in the business long enough to know that the transition can be overwhelming at times without the right support and information to help you make a confident decision.

However, this should not become a barrier for you to put off your property plans any longer. Reaching your property goals takes clear goal setting, focused planning and a solid strategy to get you there. Whether you are buying or selling, here is a simple 5-step action plan you can start right now to make this year your year:


1. Write down your property goals.
You are more likely to accomplish your goals when you write them down as this gives you clarity and focus. Define your short (6-12 months), medium (1 year-4 years) and long term (5 years+) goals. Determine which one of them is your top priority and write them down with a timeline when you would like to achieve your goals by. Place it somewhere you can see it every day. For example:

In 2019, I will: _________________


SELLERS & BUYERS: Step one is making a clear decision on what you want. It is very important to set attainable and realistic goals. Writing down your goals seems simple but trust us, it works! Break down your big goals into smaller goals so you can tick them off one by one without feeling overwhelmed. Doing so will certainly give you the feeling of accomplishment along the way keeping you on track towards your bigger goals.


2. Know your financial position.

This will determine how you can make your property plans happen or whether you need to seek out any alternative options to avoid stretching your financial capacity to the point of stress.

SELLERS: Speak to your financial advisor/accountant/bank about your moving plans to get a clear picture of an estimated breakdown of any anticipated expenses (including any taxes), an understanding of your current home loan situation and a detailed budget for your next move.

BUYERS: Speak to your mortgage broker/lending specialist for bank-preapproval. Generally, a conditional pre-approval can give you a competitive advantage amongst other buyers and strengthen your bargaining power when negotiating the purchase of your new home.


3. Consider the lifestyle or investment strategy you want.

Your new home will reflect your lifestyle. Do you want low maintenance, beach side, family-friendly, contemporary living, or etc.? This is important in choosing the right location for your next move. Most people consider their travel time to and from work and proximity to other family members, top schools in the area, facilities, shop and public transport. For an investment, you might be choosing between capital gains or cash flow strategy – either way location is an absolute key! List down at least 3 non-negotiables in the property and area you have chosen.

SELLERS: Prepare yourself mentally by letting go of your current home and starting to design a new lifestyle that will improve the quality of your life and ultimately increase your happiness. Welcome the new thoughts with an open mind and get excited as the new chapter awaits!

BUYERS: Although not all properties will tick 10 out of 10 boxes, it is important to know that that is absolutely normal as long as your top 3 non-negotiables have been satisfied. Getting over the feeling of ‘perfection’ helps you move a lot quicker so you don’t miss out on fantastic opportunities in front of you.


4. Do your market research.

Take your time by doing plenty of research to get to know the neighbourhood.


SELLERS: Watch out for property sales in the area. Generally, properties that sold within the last 6 months within the 2km proximity to the property give the best indication of the property prices in the area. As every house is different, we still recommend inviting an agent to give you a realistic selling price opinion. Be mindful if an agent gives you an inflated price opinion that do not reflect the present market. This is very common but eventually, the seller will need to drop the price to a market level anyway to meet the market expectation. A professional and experienced local agent will be able to show you comparable properties to justify their appraisal and a solid strategy to sell your home. It is great to be hopeful but being realistic with your expectations is also an important part of preparation.

BUYERS: Follow the market trends so you know what properties are available on the market. Drive around the area or head to the local council’s website for any building and planning information. Check out any upcoming exciting developments in the area as these activity generally indicate future growth. After you have done all your research, now trust your gut when making a decision.


5. Start.

It’s time to move on so the key is to just get started. Starting will get you closer to making your dreams into reality. Don’t put it off any longer. If moving will improve your life by tenfold then, why wait? Help is everywhere. Ask for guidance if you need to get you going. Taking the first step will give you momentum to create the brand new life you have always wanted.


SELLERS: Whether it’s decluttering, running a garage sale, seeing your financial advisor or accountant, doing any cosmetic touch ups, renovations or repairs around the house or choosing an agent to guide and represent you, there is no need to delay it for the spring season (there is more competition then). Do it now!


BUYERS: Set yourself a budget so you don’t over spend. Make sure your finances are ready to go.  Approach the local agency/agents from the area you want to buy in directly. The agents will normally request your details, requirements and price range. Most agents sell many ‘off-market’ properties that are not available on major real estate websites. You can get ahead and save a lot of time by requesting the agent to notify you as soon as a property that matches your requirements becomes available.


Lastly, celebrate your success! Take time to reflect on your progress and enjoy your hard work. You earned it.


If you would like to get started and make 2019 your year, call us today on 03 9560 3988!


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