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19 Jul 16

10 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale

A highly trained and professional real estate agent, in conjunction with an accurate appraisal and effective marketing campaign, enables a property to be sold efficiently. But once your agent has found potential buyers,  how can you help your property stand out in the minds of buyers after they have inspected several other homes within such a short period?

Today's buyers are most sophisticated and expect higher levels of presentation than ever before. Home staging is about preparing a property for sale, by broadening its appeal to the highest amount of buyers by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive product that everyone can envision themselves living there. But be wary of putting too many cliches into your home, that buyers will be distracted from all the amazing features that it has to offer! 

We have ten tips that can help you prepare your home for sale!

1. Give buyers a blank canvas!

To allow a prospective buyer to visualise their family living in it and not yours, de-personalise your house without making it cold - which means removing highly personal items such as family pictures, religious icons, to provide an opportunity where they can inject their own personality. Consider adding things that appeal to people, such as fresh flowers & fruits and attractive artwork.  

2. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter! Seriously.

Removing all clutter is the key to preparing your home for sale. Not only does it gives a good impression to the buyers, it also transforms the house into an open, bright and capacious ambient.

The home buyers of today, particular those of a younger generation, do not like clutter - they like open, clean spaces, which particularly becomes more important for those selling older homes. Also, make sure that all beds are made, bedside tables are free of personal items, ensure there are no dishes in the sink or clothes on the floors, the swimming pool is cleaned and things such as windows, blinds and appliances are cleaned.              

3. Take care of the colour

Home Selling Tips - Colour and Painting

The paint colours that you choose should be more neutral, soft and flowing, and makes the house feel more open. While touches of colour are adequate, paint the house in colours such as tan and white, and appeal to the largest possible audience. Also, give each room a focal point, such as a fireplace in the living room or red pillows on the bed in the bedroom so that the colour pops.

4. Love at first sight?

Home Selling Tips - Cracked Driveway
As most buyers have already formed positive or negative opinions based on their experiences outside by the time they look at the inside of the home, you don't want to create a negative first impression as they pull up to the house. Things such as cracked driveways, broken trees, tall & uncut lawns, unclear mailbox numbers or peeling paint can all reduce the price the buyers are willing to pay. Also, ensure that buyers are greeted by good lighting, a working doorbell, attractive landscaping and the absence of cobwebs.

5. Hold your breath!

Home Selling Tips - Odour
The scent of a home is important. Use a pair of fresh eyes (or should we say ears) to see whether your home has a scent that might potentially drive people away. Scents like pet odours, cigarette smoke and dampness in the carpets need to be removed, although highly-artificial scents and air fresheners from supermarket shelves aren't encouraged as they can be overwhelming and cause allergies to the people walking through. Alternatively, the smell of freshly-baked goods, freshly-cut flowers, clean laundry and candles boasts homely feel to buyers. 

6. Create a welcoming atmosphere!

Home Selling Tips - Warm Atmosphere with Fire Place
Create warmth by preparing your home to match the temperature of the day; turn on patio heaters and heating in Winter; turn on fans and cooling in Summer. Also, be sure to use lighting that ensures the space is well-lit to make it spacious and more inviting, that way potential buyers will spend more time considering your property!

7.  Secure your pets!

Home Selling Tips - Pets
If you own any pets, make sure they are safely secured and kept out of sight, remove pet baskets & bowls, we have heard some interesting stories with unsecured pets that we are sure you wouldn't want your potential buyer to experience at your house! Consider asking a friend to watch your pets for you whilst your house is being inspected.

8. Minor repairs, big impact!

Home Selling Tips - Minor Repairs
Buyers will notice those little niggles that can detract value from your home, so set aside time to tighten those loose doorknobs, fix that leaky tap, scuffed paint on the walls and the door that squeaks and also replace cracked tiles and burnt out light bulbs. Bathroom mirrors, taps, showerheads, cabinet hardware and light fixtures are inexpensive to replace, but work wonders to a buyer's impression of your house!

9. Teamwork is key!

Consult your neighbours for their honest opinions, ask them for some help or even ask them to spruce up the appearance of their front yards too. The better the street looks as a whole, the more likely that your house will sell for a higher price, which could also benefit them in the future, when it's time for them to sell.

10. Do your research!

Home Selling Tips - First National Real Estate Waverley City
Find out how much you can sell your home for by researching recent sold prices of similar properties in your area and ask your agent's advice. Taking a look at market conditions and comparable sales will help you determine how much you can sell for in today's market.  Do not fall into price trap by dishonest agents who will overstate your property's value just to get the listing.

The aim should be to create a lifestyle so that as many people as people walking through the house can envision themselves and their families of living there!



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